Our Brochure

Office Location

Accra, Ghana
OneGhana is a thought leadership and social action Not for Profit organization

Our Brochure

Office Location

Accra, Ghana

About Us

As citizens, for our conditions to improve, we need to demand that which is right and hold policy makers accountable.

We believe that a strong civil society is essential to addressing the root causes of today’s most pressing societal, economic and political challenges. We believe that greater accountability and informed responsiveness of the citizenry is key to progressive policy making and the socio-economic development of Ghana.

Our values

  1. Integrity
  2. Objectivity
  3. Passion
  4. Justice
  5. Accountability

OneGhana is a thought leadership and social action not for profit organization that seeks to;

  1. Promote public policy accountability.
  2. Promote citizen responsibility.
  3. Promote the prioritization of the national interest over partisan politics.

Thought Leadership

At OneGhana, thought leadership is the shaping of societal orientation and attitudes for the socio-economic development through advocacy or the presentation of meaningful information to the citizenry and policy makers.

We seek to influence the Ghanaian society, and by harnessing the power of our collective insights, we hope to shape the orientation of policy makers and inspire the citizenry to action.

OneGhana at a Glance

The numbers that work behind the scenes, they shape everything we do.

500 Registered members nationwide
8 member governing board
4 main operating committees
4 years of operation since 2015

Our Mission

Promoting citizen and policy accountability and the prioritization of the national interest over partisan politics by employing policy analysis, advocacy, legal and financial interventions to drive social and political change in Ghana.

What We Stand For

Prioritize national interest over partisan politics

There has been an over politicization of our country’s democracy to the detriment of nation building and national interest. Our policy making and management space has been marred by partisan politics in a manner that continues to weaken institutions of the state.

Public and civil servant technical views have become moderated by the political whims to serve in a given period other than objective policy analysis and action. The pursuit of justice and enforcement of laws are more defined by the political colouration of persons involved. It is therefore no surprise that a change in government easily changes the attitude of public servants who form the permanent government.

Empower Policy and political accountability

Public policy as defined by Thomas Dye, is what Government’s choose to do or not do. The authority of public and political officials ought to be exercised for and in trust for the citizenry. The fair and objective good of the citizenry ought to be pursued by all serving the nation.

Over the years, the institutional weakness of our governance and public service has contributed immensely to our inability to realise the country’s socio-economic potential. Corruption, absence of meritocracy, dishonesty, economic and political rent-seeking have characterised the public policy space. These have thrived under the opacity of the governance structures.

Promoting Citizen Responsibility

The socio-economic development of our country does not just reside in the advancement of accountable public policy, it resides more in the citizenry’s response to policy and policy making. The power of a country resides in its citizenry and the success of policy thrives in the responsibility of the citizenry.

Our country requires us to drive it towards maximising its potential. We are required to be responsible and contribute towards advancing the good and success of public policy. This includes us honouring our civic responsibilities, our attitudes towards the environment, moral and ethical responsibilities and the consciousness and passion to demand policy and public service accountability.