1. What is OneGhana Movement?

OneGhana is a thought leadership and social action not for profit organization that seeks to;
Promote public policy accountability.
Promote citizen responsibility.
Promote the prioritization of the national interest over partisan politics.

2. What is the mission of OneGhana Movement?

To promote citizen and policy accountability and the prioritization of the national
interest over partisan politics by employing policy analysis, advocacy, legal and financial interventions to drive social and political change in Ghana.

3. How do I become a member of OneGhana Movement?

Kindly follow this link to register https://oneghanamovement.org/membership/

4. What is next after I receive my welcome pack upon registering to become a member of OneGhana Movement?

  1. What is next after I receive my welcome pack upon registering to become a member of OneGhana Movement?

You will be invited to join any one of our various committees.

OneGhana operates with 4 main committees.

  • Business Committee
  • Media and Public Relations Committee
  • Social Action Committee
  • Legal and Governance Committee

Business Committee

The business committee is responsible for:

  1. The administrative and financial oversight of the secretariat. This includes fundraising, financial planning and accounting.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of projects and activities of the movement.
  3. Agenda setting and assessment.

Media and Public Relations Committee

The committee plans and manages the Movement’s communication, interaction and positioning with the media and the broader public.

Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee is the lead execution arm of the movement, it mobilizes members towards the execution of activities and the realization of desired social changes within society. It also serves as a primary source of information and insight for agenda setting.

Legal and Governance Committee

The committee is responsible for:

  1. The provision of legal advisory and litigation services for the advancement of the movements objectives.
  2. For legal and governance policy reviews and analysis with respect to public policy and citizen accountability.
  3. Evaluating and proposing legal and governance options aimed at realizing the movement’s objectives of public policy alternatives.

Project Committees

These are ad hoc committees set up for the execution of particular projects. Its members are drafted from various committees, subject to the skills required and may include consultants.

5. Do I have to pay dues to be a member of OneGhana Movement?

You can also donate online at https://oneghanamovement.org/product/donations/ OR THROUGH ALL MOBILE MONEY NETWORKS ON  *447*2017#

6. How do I get information on OneGhana Activities?

Visit our webpage on https://oneghanamovement.org/projects/  and social media handles on

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/OneGhanaMovement/  Twitter- @OneGhanaMov

7. Is OneGhana Movement a subsidiary of any political party?

No. OneGhana Movement is a Non-Partisan organization.

8. What is the Ghana Action Series?

The Ghana Action Series is a series of policy roundtable events which seek to provide a platform for driving policy interventions and awakening the needed conscientization of the citizenry to doing things “The RightWay”.


9. What projects are currently being undertaken?

There are two projects running currently. The Justice for June 3rd Campaign (J4J3) and the RightWay Initiative-Adopt-A-Bin Campaign.

In accordance with the OneGhana citizen responsibility and policy accountability objectives, the J4J3 project was launched on the 2nd of June 2017 to pursue justice for victims of the June 3rd 2015 avoidable disaster.

Project Objectives
a. Secure equitable compensation for victim’s
b. Hold corporations, public officials and institutions accountable.

The OneGhana objective:
It is our expectation that the pursuit of justice will not only result in fair compensations to victims and their families and punishment to culpable officials; But even more, drive the sense of accountability and responsibility on the part of citizens, corporate Ghana and public officials. In that, the citizens shall be emboldened not to allow their rights and privileges to be trampled upon and public servants and politicians alike shall realize that they will be held accountable for their actions and must give their optimum service.

Project Interventions
a. Legal:
• Provision of legal services to victims to evaluate and
commence suits against identifiable officials, institution and corporations.
b. Advocacy:
• Secure government and public support for victims to be attended to and culpable institutions duly held liable.
• Secure policy changes in the industry to avoid the recurrence of such events.
• Represent victims in negotiations.
c. Social and Financial:
• Fund the cost for the legal intervention.
• Secure psychological assistance for victims. There has been an offer from a psychologist to provide voluntary counselling services for affected victims.


Adopt-A-Bin Campaign

The absence of public waste bins along our streets and irresponsible citizen behaviour have contributed to the growing sanitation challenges faced in Accra.

In an effort to address this challenge, the OneGhana Movement in conjunction with The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly is undertaking the RightWay Initiative – Adopt a Bin Campaign. Public waste bins will be deployed and put out on the streets of Accra for citizens to have access to dispose handy refuse properly.

We encourage everyone, organizations and individuals alike to ADOPT A BIN to be deployed to public spaces in Accra. This will mean paying for the cost of the public bin, its servicing and maintenance.

10. How can I Adopt-A-Bin?

Kindly find below the procedure to adopt a bin:


1.0 One-time cost.


(Produced by Qualiplast Limited)

Printing on waste bins (branding 33.38
Deployment of public waste bin charges 10.00
Total 221.38

2.0 Monthly Servicing & Maintenance Cost

Refuse Collection Service Provider

Jekora Ventures has agreed to give a discount of 50% on the rate of waste collection. The approved AMA public bin collection rate is GHS 150 per bin per month.

OneGhana Movement Administrative costs for weekly supervision and the monitoring and evaluation of the RightWay Bin Project. 15.00
Total 95.00


You can also donate through any of our payment systems below:

OneGhana Movement

Universal Merchant Bank

University of Ghana Branch

ACC NO: 032-1-383271-01-1


Online at https://oneghanamovement.org/product/donations/ OR THROUGH ALL MOBILE MONEY NETWORKS ON *447*2017#