In accordance with the OneGhana citizen responsibility and policy accountability objectives, the J4J3 project was launched on the 2nd of June 2017 to pursue justice for victims of the June 3rd 2015 avoidable disaster.

Project Objectives
a. Secure equitable compensation for victims
b. Hold corporations, public officials and institutions accountable.

The OneGhana objective:
It is our expectation that the pursuit of justice will not only result in fair compensations to victims and their families and punishment to culpable officials; But even more, drive the sense of accountability and responsibility on the part of citizens, corporate Ghana and public officials. In that, the citizens shall be emboldened not to allow their rights and privileges to be trampled upon and public servants and politicians alike shall realize that they will be held accountable for their actions and must give their optimum service.

2.4 Project Interventions
a. Legal:
• Provision of legal services to victims to evaluate and
commence suits against identifiable officials, institution and corporations.
b. Advocacy:
• Secure government and public support for victims to be attended to and culpable institutions duly held liable.
• Secure policy changes in the industry to avoid the recurrence of such events.
• Represent victims in negotiations.
c. Social and Financial:
• Fund the cost for the legal intervention.
• Secure psychological assistance for victims. There has been an offer from a psychologist to provide voluntary counselling services for affected victims.