The Right Way Campaign is a spin off from the OneGhana citizen responsibility objective.  It is a socio-cultural and behavioural change initiative aimed at impacting and adjusting the attitudes of citizens to seek to do things right and in the interest of Ghana. It whips the conscience of citizens to do things right by making the idea of doing things right over various themes (e.g. sanitation, meritocracy etc.) top of mind and more socially desirable. The high awareness and conscientiousness to do things right is expected to yield sub-conscious rewards from revived societal expectations and approval. The RightWay Campaign will be apolitical in its approach and will seek to engage with political figures from both sides of the divide, to foster national consensus on the right national values, which will help change the attitudes of the citizenry toward building a better nation.


 Project Objectives

  • To build a responsible citizenry
  • To reactivate and entrench good values that are the function of our traditional make.


Project Themes Include:

  • Environment & Sanitation
  • Road Discipline
  • Meritocracy and Non-Partisanship
  • Depoliticisation of Public Institutions
  • Law & Order
  • Corruption


Environment and sanitation has been adopted as the first theme.